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Hi-Rotary Gun: Ultrahigh-Pressure Water Cleaning and Peeling Gun with Rotating Nozzle

highrotarygynHigh-Speed Nozzle Rotation.
A water jet gun for highly-efficient cleaning and peeling jobs.

The "Hi-Rotary Gun" features a nozzle head that rotates at high speed while spraying ultrahigh-pressure water, for efficient cleaning and peeling jobs. To perform your cleaning operations safely, we recommend using this product together with the Safety Selector.


Model numberPressureFlow rateRotation speedDrive machinePressure of supplied airAir consumptionConnection screwsWeight
MPaL/minmin-1 MPaL/min (ANR)Screw sizekg
HRG-2520HND24520Max. 2,000Air motor0.45003/4-16 UNF4.5


Multi-nozzle head / spray pattern

As multiple water nozzles are grouped together, spray patterns are as shown in the diagram below.



Six nozzles are positioned on the circumference of the head. This is ideal for coating and paint peeling.



Six nozzles are positioned in different locations around the head. This provides a uniform surface treatment. Ideal for concrete chipping and surface treatment.

Application Examples

  • Chipping exterior building walls, concrete roads, and deteriorated concrete
  • Chipping stone surfaces
  • Peeling paint or lining
  • Coating surface preparation, derusting
  • Removing various scales, etc. 

Building paint peeling 


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