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Aqua Selrotor II: Ultrahigh-Pressure Water Cleaning and Peeling Unit for Walls

aquaselrotor2Water jet gun ideal for wall and flat surface peeling jobs.

The Aqua Selrotor II is a water jet gun that uses the reactive force of ultrahigh-pressure water spray to rotate the nozzle at a high speed for efficient cleaning and peeling of walls and flat surfaces.


  • concrete surfaceImproved workability via a lightweight and compact design
    Improved workability is achieved via a lightweight and compact design, as there is no need for a drive motor to rotate the nozzle.
  • Significant improvement in working efficiency
    Because the cleaning and peeling width is wide and the nozzle rotates at a high speed, the work time can be reduced.
  • Uniform surface treatment
    A unique nozzle arrangement provides a uniform surface treatment.
  • Substantial improvement in the working environment
    The water jet gun is equipped with a vacuum function, allowing mist to be recovered during operation. In addition, when combined with a Safety Selector, the operator can start and stop spray operations by hand.



Model numberPressureFlow rateRotation speedWeight
ASR-2515A-10245141,700 - 2,8006

Application Examples

  • concrete texturingChipping of external building walls, old concrete surfaces, septic tanks, piers, etc.
  • Chipping, peeling of paint and linings, etc.


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