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V-Spin Nozzle: High Water Pressure Rotating Tube Cleaning Nozzle

vspinnozzlePowerfully cleans sewer pipes with the impact force of ultrahigh-pressure water.

The "V-Spin Nozzle" is a self-rotating nozzle that cleans and removes scales in various types of pipes such as sewer pipes and street gutters.
Because a lot of water is sprayed from each nozzle, the impact force is strong. Thus, large solids can be discharged, oils and fats can be removed, and roots of trees can be cut as well.


Model numberPressureFlow rateRotation speedDimensionsConnection screwsWeightApplicable tube diameter
VSR-100020 - 5060 - 80300 - 600210 × 68G1/24.0 4 - 8
VSR-200020 - 40100 - 200250 × 80G3/45.0 6 - 24
VSR-300040 - 7080 - 100240 × 80G1/26 - 20

 Note: Other V-Spin models with specifications not mentioned above are also available.

Application Examples

  • system_vspinSewer pipes
  • Street gutters
  • Large diameter pipes, etc.


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