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3D Nozzle: Automatic Rotating/revolving, High-Pressure Water Cleaning Nozzle Unit for the Inside of Tanks

3dnozzleRotating/revolving precision cleaning nozzle!
The "3D Nozzle" is a self-rotating nozzle unit used for cleaning polymerization tanks, reactors, spray dryers, and various other tanks.
The cleaning nozzle rotates and revolves due to the reactive force of the high-pressure water spray, thoroughly cleaning the inside of tanks.


  1.  Uniform cleaning
    When compared to conventional methods of cleaning, the precision of the 3D Nozzle is about twice as accurate, making high-quality and clean washing possible. The rotation of the nozzle is controlled by a magnetic braking mechanism.
    This provides the nozzle with an even rotation speed and enables stable cleaning since it is not influenced by atmospheric temperature or clogging.
  2.  Improved cleaning
    An improved convergence of high-pressure water is achieved by utilizing a special nozzle uniquely developed by Sugino. This improves cleaning significantly since the loss in impact energy of the high-pressure water is minimized.


Model numberPressureFlow rateNozzle rotation speedDimensionsConnection screwsWeight
MPaL/minmin-1mmScrew sizekg
Stepless adjustment
JRN-200PGS10-4580-200250 × 807.0
JRN-200PG80-200248 × 1027.0
JRN-400PG200-400307 × 132Rc1 1/413.0
JRN-150HPG45-7080-150270 × 102Rc3/48.0
JRN-130HHPG50-10060-130280 × 10210.0
Stepless adjustment
276 × 808.0
Note 1. The JRN-100PGS is a slim type of 3D Nozzle that can pass through tank holes of diameter 150.
     2. The overall length of the nozzle (B) may change depending on cleaning factors such as the dimensions of the reactor, diameter of tank hole, etc.


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