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Compact Vacuum Dryer "EVADRY"

Compact Vacuum Dryer ”EVADRY”

EVADRY is a vacuum dryer uses simple principal,which never allows any water droplets left even in the bottom of deep holes, firmly mak es whole water gone from your product.
Less compressed air consumption contributes carbon neutrality, and everything is in a stylish and compact package!



What is vacuum drying? - Principle

All water’s gone, even for water puddle stays at the cavity inside of part.

When pressure goes lower, boiling point of w ater goes down as well. Water usually boils at 212F, but it boils a t less 212F on the mount ain. Using this relationship between the pressure and boiling point , EVADRY evaporates water at room temperature.

Principles of vacuum drying



Less energy consumption contributes carbon neutral

As you know the air blowing spends tons of energy, but finding out the good way to avoid
that was a big problem. Here is the answer.

CO2 emissions 85.1% reduction!

CO2 emissions per hour
  Air blow Vacuum drying
CO2 emissions 10.5kg/h 1.6kg/h

* The reduction rate is an actual measurement value of an in-house test in the cylinder head's dryness. The reduction rate changes by the system requirements.​

Features of the "EVADRY" vacuum dryer

Compact and on castors, easy to handle!

The compact design of the EVADRY, with a height of 1,000 mm and a width of 600 mm, makes it easy to locate.
Equipped with castors, it is easy to relocate the machine. This compact vacuum dryer is easy for anyone to handle.

Easy for anyone to handle

Easy operation, free from manual air blowing!

Easy operation, free from manual air blowing!Simply set the workpiece and press a button for easy and thorough drying. This frees you from manual air blow drying work. This saves manpower and reduces costs.

Highly efficient drying using the exhaust heat of the vacuum pump!

In vacuum drying, raising the temperature of the workpiece allows the moisture to evaporate more efficiently.
EVADRY uses the exhaust heat of the vacuum pump to raise the temperature inside the vacuum chamber and improve the drying degree.
Despite its compact body, the EVADRY offers efficient drying accuracy.

Dryness enhancement system using pump exhaust heat


You can choose between two models with different sizes of vacuum chamber.
Model EVD-22 EVD-22A EVD-22WA EVD−55
Vacuum pump kW  2.2 5.5


kPa  1.3kPa or less
Size of
vacuum tank
mm 400×375×275 400×375×270 700×500×150 700×500×400
Door Manual door

Automatic door with
safety light curtain

Settings Up to 15 different operation times can be set.
Size(W×D×H) mm 600×1,450×1,050 600×1,450×1,150 900×1,800×1,270
Weight kg 500 600 800 1,000


Comparison with other methods

Comparison of component drying methods
  Advantage Disadvantage Drying level CO2 reduction rate *
Air blow

Easy to install because only factory air is used

・Loud noise
・High power consumption
There is no drop of water fall without the pool ball -

Self-generated air is used, saving energy compared to air blow

Lower air pressure than air blow, so less accurate drying Numerical in there is no pool ball fall extent 44.4%

・It is possible to dry completely
・Conservation of energy as well as the blower

Oils cannot be dried Complete dryness​ 85.1%

* The reduction rate is an actual measurement value of an in-house test in the cylinder head's dryness. The reduction rate changes by the system requirements.​


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