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"Water Jet Cutter KATANA" Ultrahigh-Pressure Water Cutting Equipment

katanaHigh precision, machining center-based cutting device!

"Water Jet Cutter KATANA" is a device that can cut the shape of any soft material with a flat surface.
It utilizes the 3-axis machining center control, making high-precision machining possible.

   X-axis: 350 mm (nozzle movement)
   Y-axis: 250 mm (nozzle movement) 
   Z-axis: 250 mm (nozzle movement)


  1. katanacutting  Compact size/high accuracy
    ... Utilizes our compact machining center to perform the cut with high precision, even with compact size.
  2. Energy-saving and clean
    ... It's clean because it follows the principle of the servo motor pump which does not use hydraulic pressure. We have reduced the power consumption in the direct drive system by using the ball screw.
  3. Low noise
    ... The "water level adjustment mechanism" can be utilized to reduce water splash and have low noise when disconnecting.

Processing Examples



Movement rangeX-axismm300
Movement speedm/min0 - 15
Movement methodAll axis: Nozzle movement
The number of controlled axes3 axes simultaneously
Drive systemAC Servo motor
NC controllerFANUC 0i series
Minimum setting unitmm0.001
Machine accuracyPositioningmmX,Y-axis:±0.01 Z-axis:±0.1
RepeatmmX,Y-axis:±0.01 Z-axis:±0.1
Dry masskg2,500

 Note: Other cutting equipment is also available. Please contact the nearest Sugino sales office.


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