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Automate your deburring operation / Floating tool holder Barriquan BRQ-TX01

Achieve easy deburring with Barriquan.


Floating function of BARRIQUAN solves all problems in deburring automation.​


Typical deburring problems with a CNC Machine

Remaining Burr

Remaining Burr

Cutting Too Deep

Cutting Too Deep

Complicated Workpiece Shape

Complicated Workpiece Shape

Functions of BRQ-TX01​

Floating Function

Floating Function


BRQ-TX01 is a tool holder with built-in floating function.

The floating function (float amount max. 10 mm) enables the deburring cutter to follow complicated workpiece shapes, and thus prevents the remaining burrs or too deep cuts on the workpiece.


What is Float Deburring?


Quick Disconnect



While you are trying to find the best condition for deburring, you may need to change cutting condition so frequently.

New Barriquan BRQ-TX01 enables quick disconnect of floater as well as springs. No tool is required, you can change tools and springs manually.



Change Floater in 3 seconds [new!]

You can pull trigger and change floater in 3 seconds.
No need to waste your time for tool change.


Easy maintenance

No tool is required for daily maintenance.
Daily maintenance will extend lifetime of BARRIQUAN.

Spring change manually (no tool required) [new!]

You can detach rear cap manually (no tool is required).
Please choose best spring to adjust cutting amount.
(Although you can detach a rear cap manually, it cannot be loosened while Barriquan is rotating at high speed in machine spindle.)





Performance of BRQ-TX01​

Can work with high spindle speed up to 12000 min-1

Shorten Cycle Time with High Spindle Speed & High Feed

The guideline ratio of spindle speed (rpm) and feed rate (mm/min) is approx. 1 : 0.3 - 0.6.

Higher spindle speed enables higher feed speed.


Also, with higher spindle speed, we can obtain smaller deburring cut.


Feed Speed and Deburring Size (with different spindle speed)


Stable cut at the entrance of the workpiece.

Although the entrance area is one of the most difficult areas with float deburring, you can obtain stable deburring surface with high spindle speed.

Example of deburring finish with different spindle speed.


BRQ-TX01 works with recommended conditions of carbide cutters.

Generally, the required spindle speed for carbide cutters used for deburring are 10000 to 15000 min-1.

With BRQ-TX01, you can use carbide cutters under their required spindle speed, which will extend their lifetime.

Recommended Spindle Speed for Carbide Cutters.


Specifications of BRQ-TX01

Specifications of BRQ-TX01

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